Style and Colour Designing, Decorating

Perhaps you are not sure whether the styles of your existing furniture match, or maybe the decorations or colours have become stale or boring and you would like to refresh the interior; we can find the way together that makes your home or office not only another space, but a territory.

Interior design styles that we design and give guidance in:

  • Classic styles: Bourgeois, Art deco, English Country, Classical Eclectic, Art Nouveau, Neo-Baroque, Neo-Renaissance
  • Modern styles: Contemprorary, Modern Classic (De Stilj, Bauhaus, Postmodern), Modern Eclectic, High Tech, Loft, Industrial, Minimal (Soft, Hard), Retro (Op Art, Pop Art, Space, Retro Modern)
  • Mediterranean styles: Toscan, Provance, Spanish
  • Country styles: Hungarian Country, Country, American Country, French Country, Skandinavian Country, Rustic
  • Oriental styles: Indian, Chinese, Modern Far-East (Thai)
  • Eco
  • Ethnic styles: Arabic, Moroccan, Modern Islam

We also undertake wedding scene decoration – even thematical ones. We can conduct the decorations of other festivities, special events, scenes (Christmas, birthdays, etc.) from planning to finishing.

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